Congratulations to the EUROPEAN AIR LAW ASSOCIATION on the quality of the current 31st Annual Conference (Paris-France)

The Firm SELENE Avocats (aviation lawyers in Paris) offers its warmest congratulations to EALA and its organizers on the quality of the 31st Annual Conference and on the topical themes mentioned below.

Here is a brief outline of the various topics addressed so far.


Sustainable development / Alternative aviation fuels / decarbonization / offset / ETS  (European Union Emission Trading Scheme)/ CORSIA as a global market-based measure to tackle international aviation emissions

Necessity to stop taxes / problem of the cost of fuel

Fair competition / allocation of subsidies

Brexit : trying to evaluate the Brexit effects

Over-reaction in Europe against aviation law

2) Safety of European and international civil aviation 

Aviation safety after 75 years of ICAO : many evolutions including the safe integration of drones in airspace

Annex 13 and protection of accident and incident record

Évolution of Aircraft Certification Requirements

Aircraft Certification Observations, findings and recommendations of the Joint Technical Authorities Review

Liability issues arising from FAA certification process, aviation claims perspective (Boeing 737 Max)

New technical landscape : automatic and digital ; / Appropriate training of the crews, varied staff, experts and judges / safe integration of drones (in view of the new European legislation to come).